Looking to buy a new washer? Take a look at the key differences between HE (High Efficiency) Washers and Traditional Washers before you decide.

High Efficiency Washers

  • HE washers offer a concentrated clean that penetrates deep into the fibers of your fabrics.
  • They use a special HE detergent with a higher detergent concentration for a powerful clean.
  • HE Washers also use less water, which means less detergent dilution for a more effective and efficient clean. It also simply means you’re using less water per load which is also good.
  • However, expect longer wash cycles because of that lower water level.
  • They use a lot less energy and have more movement so the clothes are constantly kept in motion. More motion means a better clean.
  • HE also produces less suds than a traditional washer. This allows it to works directly on soils and stains. Suds make it harder for the clothes to move around in the machine which leaves clothes dirtier than if they’d been washed in an HE washer.
  • An HE washer costs no more than a traditional washer, per load. However, the detergent itself is a bit more expensive.

Traditional Washers

  • Shorter wash time because of the increased water usage.
  • Traditional Washers don’t tumble the clothes like an HE does. They generally have a more monotonous motion process like a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion.
  • This gives you more of a surface clean, and is more gentle on cloths than an HE with an agitator would be.
  • Generally, traditional washers are the less expensive option.
  • Smaller capacity; you may have to do multiple loads.

In the long run, the HE washer will bring your water and energy bills down and you’ll get more use out of your detergent. At a steeper initial price, the HE model is more of an investment, but it is a better long term appliance. It delivers a more powerful and thorough clean, despite the longer waiting time for cycles to be complete. However, this also means that you’re less likely to have to wash your clothes again because the stains didn’t lift. Moreover, Non-HE models are increasingly less common so they’re harder to track down on your own.


*Source:  appliancesconnection.com

Image source:  tide.com