What is an inspection?

A home inspection is an objective, professional examination to visually assess a homes interior and exterior features.

Do I really need an inspection?

Yes! Every house needs an inspection. The average home buyer spends less time buying a house than buying a car. Buying a home that reflects your lifestyle and meets your individual needs may be the largest and most rewarding investment of your life. It can also be very stressful. To ensure your hard-earned dollars are soundly invested, we recommend that you have a Canadian Home Inspection performed. Also, an inspection will provide you with a general maintenance report that can save you money in the future.

What's involved in the inspection process?

As certified professionals, we are trained to analyze and report on all the major systems and components of the house, including roofing, structure, electrical, heating, insulation, plumbing, air conditioning, interior, exterior, property and site.

During the inspection, your home inspector will point out any repairs or necessary improvements, the time frame in which they should be addressed, and the approximate cost involved. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable information regarding the condition of the house, and to discuss concerns or plans for renovations.

Do I receive a report?

You will receive an electronic copy or an onsite paper copy of our written report at the end of the inspection.  The report can be filed in your Home Reference Manual. This easy-to-read reference manual provides valuable information on how to maintain your new home, as well as envelopes to document and retain yearly expenses such as electric, gas, insurance and upgrades.

How long does an inspection take?

Typically, a home inspection takes 2-1/2 to 3 hours.

Who should attend the inspection?

It is recommended that the purchaser be in attendance since it is a benefit to you. It is also advisable that the real estate agent is there as well to assist you with any general questions that you may have.

Does a new home need an inspection?

Definitely. Just because a home is new does not mean you should assume that everything is perfect. Inspections, however, can greatly reduce your risk. Two of the main advantages of inspecting new homes are:

Deficiencies can be caught during the warranty period. This also includes having an inspection done in the eleventh month of occupancy just prior to your one year anniversary.

The construction can be evaluated to ensure it conforms to building standards.

Aren't I protected under the Ontario New Home Warranty Program?

Under the Ontario New Home Warranty Program “the builder warrants that the home is free from defects in work and materials is fit to live in and meets the Ontario Building Code requirements for one year from the date of possession.”1 There is also coverage against major structural defects for up to an additional 6 years.

Therefore, it only makes sense to have an inspection done by an impartial party to be sure all deficiencies are noted. We at Canadian Home Inspection Services are up to date on the building, electrical and plumbing codes and are qualified to identify any incomplete items that fall within the builder’s contractual obligations.

1Taken from the Ontario New Home Warranty Program booklet.

How is the purchaser protected by a pre-purchase inspection?

Knowledge is power, and by learning all you can about the prospective property you equip yourself with knowledge. The report you receive identifies not only the positive aspects of the home, but points out the major defects or repairs that you may not have been aware of. This provides you with the opportunity to budget for these repairs or upgrades.

How much does an inspection cost?

The cost of an inspection is relative to where the house is located, how old it is and the approximate square footage of the house. However, the qualifications and credentials of the Inspector should be the most important question you ask. Having your home inspected by a reputable and qualified inspector is as important as having insurance on your home.

Should Real Estate Agents attend the inspection?

Having real estate agents as well as clients present prevents any miscommunication. Any misinterpretation of information or questions on house deficiencies can be easily clarified when all interested parties are present.