epic fail 2

Take a look at some of the funniest, most bizarre home inspection nightmares snapped on camera.  Can you identify the problems shown here?

For your safety, always hire a professional to do the work!

This carpenter was not familiar with the WETT code
Yes this is a fully operational wood stove and yes its sitting on laminate flooring!
Stove pipe with standard drywall touching, not sure how this place didn’t burn down!
When all else fails, use DUCT TAPE!
Efficient use of drawer space
Bush's Baked Plumbing Supports
Now that's a wrap!!
Creative Plumbing!
Bathroom venting
Creative bathroom venting
You go right ahead and do your inspection...don't disturb me!
Who's there? Come back later...I'm tanning!
Upside down siding is on sale at Bargain Barneys
The swimming pool on the roof is open!
Please don't drink the water
Ok kids, no more arguing in the morning
No, this isn't supporting the nice ductwork in the cold roof area, it's for the drain plumbing directly beneath it
No plumbing problems in this house!
No heat loss through this electrical box
My drain pipe keeps clogging...I'm not sure why
Is the roof supporting the chimney or the chimney supporting the roof?
I ran short just one foot of exhaust piping...I'll get to it when I get the chance
I couldn't find another switch so I just ran a few extra wires to this one
Hold yourself up by putting your hand into those ceiling openings while you're bathing
Hey Joe, you're supposed to put the handle inside the shower...whatsa matter with you?
Hey guys, I know where we mice can hang out this winter!
Go ahead...I dare you to step out there, chicken!
Gladys, I told you those hubcaps would be handy one day...they are the perfect electrical wire supports!
Gas fireplace exhaust piping at its finest
An upflow drain pipe...magical!!!
A wood stove pool water heater...Cool I need to patent this!
A plumbing U joint...If you can't go through it, go around it!
4 feet combustible clearances to a wood stove...nah i'm good