What is an interior weeping tile system?

An interior weeping tile system, also referred to as an internal perimeter drain system, is internal waterproofing that is the alternative to foundation excavation and waterproofing usually for a concrete block foundation.

Compared to exterior waterproofing, an interior weeping tile system is much less expensive (since no excavation is involved) and is a proven, highly effective basement waterproofing method. Interior perimeter drainage systems are used mainly for waterproofing concrete block / cinder block foundation walls. This waterproofing system is so reliable that some very large companies sell this type of system for dealing with virtually all foundation waterproofing problems. Internal waterproofing is often the approach of choice given the destructiveness of foundation excavation.

A perimeter drainage system keeps a basement dry by providing drainage for water that flows into and pools within concrete block / cinder block foundation walls. This system is also very effective for dealing with a high water table under the basement floor slab, and for any water that leaks through foundation cracks. The interior weeping tile system is a basement waterproofing system that will keep your basement perfectly dry, and is in many ways similar to the weeping tile system that is installed along the footing on the exterior, at the base of your foundation.

This basement waterproofing system involves installing a drainage system on the perimeter of the inside of the basement, beneath the basement floor, therefore, no digging outside the home is required. An installed interior perimeter weeping tile system drains water at the footing of the foundation in much the same way as exterior weeping tile. An interior weeping tile system allows water, which has pooled in a concrete block / cinder block foundation, to drain, thus preventing water from leaking or seeping from the concrete blocks onto, or beneath, the basement floor. By draining the cinderblocks and evacuating the ground water, the interior weeping tile system helps to extend the useful life of the concrete block foundation which does deteriorate over time due to the saturation of the blocks from pooled water within them. Properly installed, an interior weeping tile system will keep your basement dry for the life of your home.



Here’s what a completed interior perimeter drain system installation looks like.

Steps involved in installing an interior weeping tile system

Source:  aquaguardinjection.com

Schematics courtesy of Carson Dunlop